The Child Garden

The Child Garden, a Wonderful 1989 Science Fiction Novel

The Child Garden is a wonderful 1989 Science Fiction Novel that written by Geoff Ryman. This science fiction novel won the Arthur C. Clarke Award and John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 1990 that be so amazing things achieved. This novel is created as two part books with a brief and clearly introduction.

The Child Garden’s book was published in “Love Sickness” in the Summer and Autumn in 1987. It also won the 1988 BFSA Award and placed in 8th rank. This kind of novel is very recommended to read, you can make it as your activity to spend the spare time. Here the information.

The Child Garden, a Wonderful 1989 Science Fiction Novel
The Child Garden is a novel that told us about the future semitropical England cancer, which has been cured at the past. But as the final result showed that the human lifespan has been halved and make the socialism has replaced the capitalism. That kind of changing or world transformation is affecting by global warming and also the genetic engineering, such as houses, machines and even spaceships.

Then, Milena as an actress that secretly doing a secret things, which getting the immunity to the viruses routinely used to educate people that are around her. She use holograms to step an opera based on Dante’s The Divine Comedy. The show is written by her and modified by her friend, Rolfa as populer or well known as the Consensus that works to encounter the ruling body of the world

Consensus is an artificial collect mind that made up of the mental patterns of so many children there. So, Milena as the actress slowly discovers that the advertence is lonely and worried of dying. Then it will be looked to Milena as a form of deliverance.

This novel has so many good reviews by the reader. The most readers said that this novel was interesting, which means that it has deep, rich, complicated and well-written book that havenÆt been seen in anywhere else. Most people think that it is an artificial intelligence and sci-fi, but if you think and read more complex it’s not just it. This book is about a believable exploration of where science could take the society and what that could mean.

That is all about The Child Garden, a Wonderful 1989 Science Fiction Novel. You can read it as an activity to spend your holiday or spare time at weekend. Of course it will be a healing time for you after a week of working. Happy Reading!