Some of the Best Novels of Geoff Ryman Worth to Read

Some of the best novels of Geoff Ryman Worth to Read – As one of those writers that have written a lot of novels, the name of Geoff Ryman is quite famous in United States and surrounding countries. Geoff Ryman was born in Canada, but during his teenage years, he moved to United States. This was when all of the things began. Starting from the age of six, he wrote an article that was published in a newspaper. With that early talent, it is not much to expect that at the current age of 68, there have been quite a lot of masterpieces that he has written. Yes, there are some amazing novels from Geoff Ryman that are worth to read. If you are interested, here are some of them.

– The Warrior Who Carried Life
This novel is considered the first big hit of Geoff Ryman. It is because when he was a kid, he loved to write science and some similar things. However, this novel is the fiction and there were a lot of people who are interested with this novel. The basic idea of this novel is quite simple. There is a warrior as the main character who wants to get revenge of the things happened in her life. The basic idea is very simple, but the way Geoff Ryman delivered the story is another thing.

– Was
Some people said that this novel is a trilogy, but some others said that this is actually one novel that is divided into three parts. It does not matter how you look at it. The whole story is very amazing. Highlighting the main character who has AIDS and trying to live his life with his condition, this novel is something totally worth to read. There are a lot of messages that you can find inside the novel, starting from the blessing of God through the way of life that you need to live.

Was– Air
This last novel is another great novel from Geoff Ryman that you need to read. The title is very simple, but it has another name. It is Air: Or, Have not Have. Yes, the title of the novel is quite unique, but the story is not that complicated. This novel was published around 2005 in United Kingdom. Not long after that, this novel won a lot of amazing award such as the British Science Fiction Association and Arthur C, Klarke Award. These awards are the real proof that this novel is something worth to read.