Geoff Ryman's Lust Unleashes the Hidden Desires that a man can imagine

Geoff Ryman’s Lust Unleashes the Hidden Desires that a man can imagine

Geoff Ryman’s Lust Unleashes the Hidden Desires that a man can imagine – Geoff Ryman has written 10 different works so far and each is very unique. One of the best-known novels of this talented Canadian writer is Lust, published in 2001. Some readers claim that this book reveals a hidden desire that a man can imagine.

Main Character Gets Strength
Sometimes we hope to have something we don’t have and maybe it will make us disappointed in life if we don’t have it. Like when we play and bet a lot in online gambling games and if we lose, we will feel disappointment. Michel, the main character of this story is also disappointed with his life because he could not get what he wanted. Because of this, he barely loved himself and his zealous girlfriend, Phil.

One day, a strange thing happened in his life. He was on the subway platform and suddenly he imagined his gym trainer to be naked in front of him. Miraculously, it happened! He was very scared when that happened, but then he tried to use his strength by calling various characters, such as Taffy Duck, Tarzan, Jessica Rabbit, Lawrence of Arabia, and Picasso.
Then, he realized that he had super powers. He tried to experiment and create something he wanted. He began calling more characters and having sex quickly and functionally with them. He was finally able to experience a great adventure in his life, but he became very fed up and eventually turned his life upside down.

Moral Lessons Will Bring You Back to Reality
It would be nice to have everything we want in life with minimal effort, like Michael’s experience. But, you should note that it comes with a price and, through this novel, Ryman wants to remind you that you have to be very careful about what you want. The main character finally shows his true color and causes more personal problems in his life. However, despite the harsh reality, this novel is worth reading because Ryman tells his story in a funny and unique way that makes it very entertaining to read. And some readers have found their true selves after reading this novel, and maybe you will too.

Lust is definitely one of Ryman’s great books. The story makes us imagine if we have the same power with Michael, the main character of the story. But, at the same time, it teaches us to be very careful about what we want and know every consequence that will occur.