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The concept, structure and text of 253 are by Geoff Ryman.
Graphics are by Roland Unwin.
Prototype encoding of the car maps is by Tim Levy.

If you work for the public sector in the United Kingdom, this same team can help design your Website. Contact us by email at Ryman.Worksltd@btinternet.com.

All material on this site is copyright. I love you, God loves you, but you have no right to re-use or redistribute any of this material.

About the author

Geoff Ryman is the author of several successful novels, mostly science fiction. The Unconquered Country (1984) won both the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Award and the World Fantasy Award.

The Child Garden (1989) won the Arthur C Clarke Award and the John W Campbell Memorial Award (First Place). An extract published in Interzone also won a BSFA Award.

Other work

The Transmigration of Timothy Archer play based on the novel by Philip K Dick (1984)

The Warrior Who Carried Life (1986)

Disappearing Acts play based on stories by Alfred Bester (1987)

Was (1991)

Fan and A Fall of Angels (novellas in anthology collection Unconquered Countries ) (1994)

He also works for the Central Office of Information, where he is New Media Manager. The team has done excellent Websites for many clients including the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department for Education and Employment, the Army site (alongside Saatchi and Saatchi) plus many others.

This site is an attempt to keep some hands-on experience. All the errors are mine.

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