End of the Line Car 2

Florence Cassell glances up as a man sitting near her suddenly moves. The doors between the carriages swing and she hears a roar of laughter from the next carriage.

"We're going too fast!" says Olivia Parsons , her voice rising in panic. Don't be silly, she tells herself, you're too... NERVOUS.

Michael Jerome wakes up blearily, to see tiled walls rushing past the window. Coming into the station, he thinks. Then suddenly the station is whipped away from them like a scarf.

No, thinks Olivia, no don't be silly, something terrible can't happen to the same person two days in a row.

Florence stands up. Suddenly Milton is pitched, flying backwards through the doors into her and she is knocked off her feet. She screams. Under her fingers comes a terrible vibration.

Dimi Belinkov looks up drunk, and sees crumpled metal advance along the carriage. It devours the young woman in black leather. I'm going to die he thinks, die with that bastard Igor , drunk. He looks back. Igor still grins foolishly, with something sad in his eyes. He leans forward and kisses Dimi on the lips.

Ashley Watkinshas not moved, his hands on his knees. I will have never spoken, he thinks, I was never given a chance to speak.

Milton Richards is enfolded in the steel arms of Jesus. They wrap him up, they cut him like knives, and Jesus says "You failed me, Milton, you failed me all your life." Milton welcomes the pain, and the night, and the release.

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