End of the Line Car 1

One-armed Milton erupts through the door between carriages , knife between his teeth like a buccaneer to kill Eveleen . She sees him and howls with laughter. Joy starts to pull off her jacket -- to muffle the knife.

Richard Tomlinson leans back to look out of the window. The train should be slowing down. He sees the platform of Elephant and Castle hurtling past them. He jumps up.

So does Maurice . There is a brake. He can't find it. The brake has gone as well. He sees blue tiles flash past the window and thinks: I'm going to die because of that cottage.

Richard beats on the driver's door, shouting "Stop!"

Marie drops her mirror as the car buckles under her. She looks up, and sees the van coming for her again. She has time to think: this time there won't be a plate.

Yoshi looks up to see a fist of metal come for her. How strange, she thinks with mild curiosity, how strange this England is.

Crushed in the driver's cabin, Tahsin is alive, unconscious, dreaming.

He dreams he is in the ice cream shop in Marash with his father, who looks young and glad to see him. The big icebox is still outside, the man with the moustache is still milling ice cream in strange machines. The walls of the ice cream shop are lined with books. The books are bound in green leather and gold-tooled lettering that glows not in modern Turkish, but Ottoman script. The glowing words say: Love. Freedom. Peace.

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