Car 5

Mr Kevin Spinnaker

Outward appearance

Tall, skinny, mostly in black with black dressed hair. Yelps with laughter. Stands up and makes faces through the window between the cars.

Inside information

Works for the Pay Unit of the London College of Printing. Wanted to be a professional football player. On the field he transforms from an easily pleased, nice-enough bloke, to someone demanding, aggressive and quick. It is the one area of life where he can be so. Boyfriend of Jenny Green.

What he is doing or thinking

Waving through the window at Jen. To tease her, he told her she was getting plump, so to get her own back, she changed cars. She sticks her tongue out at him. He loves her humour. He loves going to gigs or Formula One with her.

He doesn't love having sex with her. He has managed to hide this from Jen by effort of main will. He's young and fit, but it takes him forever to come because he's so unexcited.

She misreads this. For her, a man who takes half hour to come is a hero.

The man she loves is the man his friends sometimes call gormless. She doesn't know the man who forces balls past goalposts as if by concentration, who feels implacable hatred for his opponents. She doesn't know he hates her lack of make up, her ordinary body, her ordinary face. Sweet, nice Kevin does know, but it is this Kevin who won't be able to tell her.

So he mugs and smiles, and waves through the separating glass as if saying goodbye.

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