Car 5

Mr Terry Wilcox

Outward appearance

Fawn raincoat, blue suit, soft shoes. Balding in the middle of his head so that his hair makes wings. Florid face a bit like Albert Finney's. Opens up a slim leather case stuffed full of magazines, and pulls out a DTP document.

Inside information

Manager at the Wasteco Supermarket, Elephant and Castle. Terry's hobby is hobbies -- matchbox toy cars, rare records. His jazz collection is complete, except for a few Stan Kenton LPs, and a rare Brubeck. All 4,500 records are catalogued and hardly played. The walls are insulated with video tapes of his favourite movies: he's missing a few Deanna Durbin classics. For a while, he was in a Iron Age recreation group. He wore hessian tunics and collected replica maces and battleaxes.

His two new enthusiasms are picture phonecards and becoming an umpire for American baseball.

What he is doing or thinking

Reading the rules. Baseball moves faster than cricket. You need to have eagle eyes. It all comes down to if the man on base catches the ball before the runner gets there.

Baseball's a kind of fantasy: coke, hot dogs and hot summers. It's neither as bruising as football, or as fast as basketball, the real American National Sports. Baseball belongs to the 1890s.

Whereas phonecards ... It really is extraordinary how fast they have become collector's items: Star Trek phonecards, Disney phonecards. Wasn't there something in the last issue of BT Card Collector about special phonecard storage furniture? Complete with indexing and retrieval? He puts down The Umpire Strikes Back to look.

He likes to keep active.

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