Car 5

Ms Debbie DeNussi

Outward appearance

Glamorous red lipstick, long red hair. Floor-length coat made of black leather. Black beret perched on the side of her head. Blue jeans and patent leather, alligator-pattern shoes. Tiny dangling earrings with a Dracula-eyed glint of light in each. Clutches a tiny purse. Keeps standing up, looking at the map, peering through the window. Takes out a personal organiser and keys in a question.

Inside information

An American film maker following English instructions to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, where she is to be briefed on the making of a new film about threadworms.

What she is doing or thinking

Where the hell is she? They told her to walk from the tube station to the Church Tower and then cross to the blue pub called the Hercules and go down that street and then turn right. Can't miss it.

But which tube station? She looks at all the people getting out at Waterloo. The willowy woman next to her saunters out. It must be nice to be that confident of where you are going. No one gets on, and Debbie starts to get worried. What if she's going to a bad part of town?

At Lambeth North she gets out. She looks at the dingy platform, and at the wall map, and sees the next station is the end of the line. That must have been why they didn't tell her. You can't miss the station at the end of the line.

She hops back on just as the doors rumble shut. Whew, she smiles. Just made it.

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