Car 5

Ms Lisa Muir

Outward appearance

Fawn overcoat belted over brown corduroy trousers, yellow sweater, fawn jacket. Thick, fur-lined gloves in pocket. Large cloth bag laden with papers. Reading Exchange and Mart. Mid-thirties but first impression is ten years younger.

Inside information

A property developer. Does up properties or supervises building work under contract. The recession made her life easier. It weeded out the cowboys and made everyone else grateful for work. Her previous jobs have included reviewing feature films for airlines, selling car insurance, and writing template tenders for corporate identities. Knows contract law backwards.

What she is doing or thinking

Getting a rough idea of property prices this week. Smiling slightly to herself because she has sprung a trap.

She showed up yesterday at a flat being converted on King Edward Walk. It was 4.45 and the house was empty and dark. One of the mates showed up, claiming to have just stepped out for fags. She pretended to believe him; and casually let him know her car was being serviced today.

This morning she'll let herself into King Edward Walk with a small electric heater, some letters to finish and some reading to do. She'll be there for 8.45. It will be interesting to see when they turn up. Any time after 10.00, and they're fired.

She likes it when their faces fall, and they suddenly realise that this slim pretty woman knows what she's talking about and that she has no problems with fights and firings. In fact she rather enjoys them. As she has enjoyed them these last 15 years.

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